• What makes our shoes unique?

    We work closely with the manufacturers to develop the perfect, innovative indoor shoe.

    Our shoes and slippers are designed to make you look and feel stunning at home. The trademark of every Frances and Fred shoe is a contemporary design that is packaged with a cushioned inner sole with memory foam padding. This will relieve pressure and add softness and support and will make you look astonishing.

    When we design a new collection, we experiment with high-quality leathers, furs and many different textiles.

  • Can I wear the shoes outside?

    The shoes are made for indoor use. However; if you feel that you can´t live without them, the high quality leather sole stands up to dry climate but they are sensitive to moisture. We recomennd to have the shoes soled with some sort of protective sole before outside usage. We do not take any responsibility for damages occured by outside usage

  • What materials are the shoes made of?

    We take pride in using mainly natural material such as leather with leather sole.

  • Where are the shoes manufactured?

    The shoes are manufactured in northern Portugal.

  • How do I take care of my Frances and Fred shoes?

    Our products need careful care and attention. Clean and polish your shoes when needed. In order to take care of leather, brush off the dirt with a shoe brush and use leather cleaner.

  • Are the Frances and Fred shoes true in size?

    Our shoes are designed according to sizes of European standards. If you are choosing between two sizes, we recommend you to go for the smaller one. At first, the shoe might feel tight, but after a few times of usage, the leather tend to stretch and adapt to its user.

  • Do the shoes fit both wide and narrow feet?

    Our shoes tend to fit wide and narrow feet. Given all of the comfort features built into our shoes, they will mold to your feet over time.