In 2008, Terese , an expecting mother at the time, wanted her feet to feel a little more dressed up and a little more comfortable. She was spending time in the family home, waiting for their first child to be born and had grown tired of the same old soft slippers or big woolly indoor shoes that were the only thing she had access to buy and wear.

She realized that that there was a vast gap in the market and there was a need for a product that covers all bases of the modern woman/man/couple.

Both her and her husband are conscious about the world around them and keen on fashion, home design and take great pleasure in cooking and entertaining guests in their home in Stockholm.

She saw a great potential for casual footwear and clothes that is stylish, fashionable and comfortable. However; that alone would not be enough for her. She felt that any brand of this kind needs to speak to the world and the market, as she would like to be spoken to. She values good craftsmanship, that her purchases have little or no carbon footprint. She selects her purchases based on the security that it is produced fairly and offers sound livelihood to everyone involved in the production, packaging and the transport. She makes decisions on how well waste is managed and how people are treated. All of this boiled down to:

“I want to make something that I would buy. I want to make something that is Responsible, Stylish and well Designed with a bit of an Edge or a twinkle in the eye. I want to make something that is a Challenger on the market and that makes a difference in people’s lives”

Terese studied fashion design, already early in her life, with the goal set on a fashion careeer. However, things didn’t turn out quite as she planned. Shortly after her finished studies, she was offered a position as a product manager for a company within the beverage industry in Sweden where she worked successfully, within the industry, for years.

As she has always been a creative soul and free spirit; she had the constant drive towards new challenges. The dream to be a conscious game changer within fashion never left her; she eventually succumbed to her passion. The time had come to fearlessly take the plunge and make the dream of Frances and Fred some true.

It took a number of years and one more child added to the family, until Terese in 2017 decided to make the dream of Frances and Fred to come true. She contacted Frank, a friend since many years, to help her to start this.

Frank has a passion for the CSR-work in all his work places and it is something that he does in his private life too. Like Terese, he also cares about appearances and wants to feel well dressed both at work and at home.

All this factors embody what is “Frances and Fred”. Consciousness, effortless design and a mind to make informed choices in their everyday lives.