Frances and Fred is a small brand with a big attitude. It is a brand for shoes, casual chique clothing and accessories. We are a market challenger who cares about those who care. We want to hang out with you who are curious about the world around you, open minded and conscious in your life. YOU are in the center of our story.

We just happen to make things you will appreciate. Like the look and feel of a handcrafted designer indoor shoe or a perfect, effortless fitted sweater that will match you in every situation, whether you are calm, sleepy, happy, angry, stressed, playing with the kids or alone.

So, in short – Frances and Fred is an identity. It is for you who care about multiple things in life. You value responsibility for those less fortunate than yourself, you care about environmental issues and you are curious. You love new things and you know what style means to you. You value your home and anyone in it. You want to be comfortable and dressed up both for the dinner party you’re having, as well for that lazy Sunday afternoon when you just stay on the couch, watching re-runs or finally get to read that book you bought at a yard sale.

All Frances and Fred-friends are different and yet they share everything. It is an ageless society that shares many likes and dislikes. It is a community of modern, conscious people in a world that drives them faster and more efficiently every day. All of us need the sanctuary of our home to feel good in and where to gather our thoughts and make differences, big and small. Decorate or plant a flower, start the grill or play with the kids. Invite a friend and stay up all night. Do this feeling cheeky, stylish and comfortable. You are a friend of Frances and Fred.